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Ductless HVAC systems are beautifully efficient and provide consistent room comfort. But the decision to install is different for every homeowner.

Mini-splits are beneficial for zoning of a home, business, storage or a garage covering any size of square footage. Each mini split system comes in variety of the number of indoor heads that can be plugged into a single mini-split condenser. Small square footage rooms are the best for mini splits.

Is a Mini Split Heating and AC System Install Easy to do it Yourself? Staten Island, NY – (855) 908-1496

We do not recommend self-installation as this will void any type of warranty offered through the manufacture and could potentially damage the unit. When we install the unit we will discuss the warranty options with you to ensure you have the best experience. You will not have that same level of security if the system fails after self-installation.

Staten Island Ductless Air Conditioner Installation NY

Staten Island HVAC is a faith-driven premium heating and air conditioning company in Staten Island, NY, with strong morals of honesty and helping out others. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible solution and excellent service in any location. We do it all from residential to light commercial, from new installation too, proper service and maintenance of all brands and models.

Some of the applications that HVAC we are putting ductless mini-split HVAC systems to use include:

1. New additions: garage apartments, bonus rooms, sunrooms.
2. Downsizing efforts for larger homes.
3. Serving multiple needs under one roof
3. Giving support to a room with specific heating/cooling problems
4. Adding AC to a house with no existing ductwork.

We strive for excellence so you can be comfortable and have one less thing to worry about in your daily life

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